Ongoing Gratitude

This year’s holiday season has only just begun, but I have received my favorite present already. On Thanksgiving, a friend…
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Prioritize Sleep

An occasional sleepless night is common, but if you are regularly fatigued, prioritize getting more sleep for the sake of…
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Eating for Longevity

What should we eat to cultivate longterm health and well-being? Well, one research-supported answer is: not much. Severe calorie restriction has been shown…
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Often we know what needs to be done to improve our lives, but we just aren’t doing it. Whether it…
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Know Your Stress Style

An important resiliency resource is awareness of your usual patterns of behavior, thought and emotion. Awareness is cultivated by intentional…
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Resilient Mindset

Resiliency is defined as the capacity of a substance “to spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.”…
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