Corporate Wellness Programs

Margit offers Corporate Wellness Programming for your executives, employees and/or customers. Below are descriptions of Margit’s most popular Professional Development / Marketing programs. Margit will customize these programs to address the specific needs of your team or customers. She can also develop a new wellness program to target a specific issue of your choice. See Margit’s blog posts for examples of additional topics that can enrich your professional development or marketing event.

Consider bringing Margit to your company for a double-header: a wellness program for your team and a same-day marketing event for your customers.

No Spandex Required: Wellness in the Workplace

Healthier employees have higher job satisfaction and productivity. Margit shares opportunities to incorporate health-promoting choices during the workday fostering physical, cognitive, emotional and social health. Each participant will come away with an actionable plan to overcome obstacles and make healthy choices at work.

Executive Wellbeing and Optimal Performance: A Game Plan

Margit explains the science of stress and provides research-based, daily practices to facilitate peak performance and optimal living. Participants will develop actionable strategies to move from reactivity to resiliency. Like elite athletes who train for their biggest challenges, participants will leave this session with workout, scrimmage, game day, and Olympics-level strategies to Get in the Zone for your best work.

Breakthrough to Action: Transforming Inspiration into Implementation

Margit explains why most health resolutions don’t result in lasting behavior change and shows participants how to develop an actionable plan for healthy living. Participants will leave this session with a work wellness plan to enhance their professional lives and general wellbeing.

For more information, check out Details for Event Professionals.

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Previous Clients include:

  • Health One: Sky Ridge Medical Center 
  • Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center
  • Active Minds
  • American Association of State Colleges and Universities (ASSCU)
  • Executive Women International of Denver


“You were exactly what we envisioned. Thank you for delivering such a meaningful and energetic presentation that was customized for (our audience). We appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and your enthusiasm with us.” – Judy Ingle, Coordinator, Spouse/Partner Program, American Association of State Colleges and Universities

“Margit’s thought-provoking presentation draws on research and touches the human experience. Her delivery is dynamic, authentic, and sure to make you re-evaluate your daily decisions in order to live and age healthfully! – Nina Safane, Head of School, Girls Athletic Leadership School

“It’s easy to get bogged down with one more thing we “should” be doing, but Margit made it seem easy and emphasized starting small – and at least doing something. I left with a commitment to begin strengthening exercises and just finished my first round of sit-ups in a very very long time.  Thanks Margit!” -participant K.M.

“Margit captivated the audience. She was funny, relaxed and the message was well presented. I loved the way she alternated her personal experience with the current research.” -participant G.C.