“Dr. Henderson has indeed written an optimistic and practical roadmap to better health and aging. Her years of guiding others through lifestlye change are evident in her easy-to-use planning guide. A one-sitting and then a keep-handy book with valuable pearls.” –Roger Landry, MD, MPH, President of Masterpiece Living and author of Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging

“Retirement planning should include a focus upon health in addition to financial security. Optimistic Aging provides an accessible guide to the non-financial aspects of retirement preparation.” –Ronald Pressman, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of TIAA-CREF

“Dr. Henderson is truly an academic who breaks down “ivory tower” ideas to a practical constructive format that all of us can learn and grow from. Furthermore, Optimistic Aging’s true gift comes from how otherwise unsavory aspects of aging are turned into zesty learning experiences which are colorful and engaging. Dr. Henderson woos the reader into optimism!” –Chad Prusmack, MD, Department of Neurosurgery, Rocky Mountain Spine Clinic

Optimistic Aging is a practical guide to aging well. While it is crucial to save money for retirement to support our lifestyle, it is equally important to invest in our health to enjoy life fully. Margit reminds us that it’s never too late to make healthy choices to improve our wellness. This is a must read to review and update annually.” –Kimberly Curtis, President and CEO of Wealth Legacy Institute, Inc., author of Money Secrets: Keys to Smart Investing

Optimistic Aging is a very thorough review of an incredible amount of research into the science and sociology of aging. There is so much information on the subject out there and Margit Henderson does all the hard work of sifting through some really dense subject matter. The book provides a wonderfully succinct summary with action steps to formulate your own plan at the end of each chapter. It can be read in parts or as a whole, and so one can jump around in the book to access the information that is most relevant to the reader. A must read for those of us in our middle years who hope to have a happy and healthy journey into a ripe old age!” -reader M.P.

“The reason I really liked this ‘booklet’ is that it is succinctly written with chapters you can tailor to your needs, it is hopeful, and it encourages you to make a plan that is your own picture of what you want your life to look like in your sixties, seventies and beyond. And, finally, the basis is current research on aging. I found it very approachable and easy to read.” -reader J.S.

“I found Optimistic Aging to be an accessible and empowering book. It provides lots of simple, key ideas that I can implement now to improve and maintain quality of life as I age (I’m in my 40s). The author does a great job of summarizing the latest research studies into a readable format.” -reader D.S.