About Therapy

A successful therapy experience begins with finding the right fit between client and therapist. This website offers an introduction to who I am and my therapeutic approach to help you decide whether or not I’m the right provider for you.

I empower people to Move from Reactivity to Resilience by teaching the use of self-directed neuroplasticity.

  • When we are resilient, we function from our highest selves (lighting up our brains’ frontal lobes): we feel calm and are engaged in our lives; we think clearly and make confident, healthy choices; we are capable and our actions enrich the world around us.
  • When we are stressed and distressed by our life circumstances and inner experiences, we become reactive and operate from our lizard brain (our primitive brain stem). Our lizard brain pulls us into fight (anger, defensiveness, agitation), flee (anxiety, avoidance) or freeze (depression, feeling overwhelmed and stuck).
  • We also struggle with the relationship dynamics which occur when our lizard brain activates and/or gets activated by the lizard brain of other people around us (our partner, children, boss, coworkers, etc.).

I teach skills to keep you functioning within your frontal lobes as much as possible and to help you shift out of lizard brain as soon as possible when you hit a patch of reactivity.

I am compassionate and active; educational and creative; scientific and intuitive. My specialty areas are stress management, trauma, grief, anxiety, anger, depression, relationship issues, parenting and aging well; and my primary modality is individual therapy with adults. I provide extensive clinical expertise and a healing presence, and seek to empower you with resiliency resources to help you develop a more vibrant and meaningful life.