Hope to Habit Worksheets

Printable Workbook

Click HERE to download the Hope to Habits Workbook. This is a summary of each chapter’s recap as well as all of the exercises.

Or you can just print the exercise for the step you’re on. Pick the specific exercise you need and print only that worksheet by clicking on the exercise names below.

Printable Worksheets

Resolution Phase

Chapter/Exercise #
Ch3 / R1        Pick your first potential resolution
Ch4 / R2        Explore your resolution challenge
Ch5 / R3       Translate don’t or should into I will
Ch6 / R4       Two minutes of daily attention to slow breathing

Preparation Phase

Chapter/Exercise #
Ch8 / P1       Awareness of your current self-talk
Ch8 / P2        How would you encourage your friend?
Ch8 / P3        What sets you up for success?
Ch8 / P4        Reflect on HALT
Ch8 / P5        Elaborate your why
Ch8 / P6        See your KInD Coach and Inner Critic
Ch9 / P7        Assess your current social environment
Ch9 / P8       See your Tempted Self
Ch9 / P9        See your Manager
Ch9 / P10      See your Saboteur
Ch9 / P11      See your Future Self
Ch9 / P12      Gratitude from the future
Ch9 / P13      Scale your internal social environment
Ch10 / P14    Get to know the Hero
Ch10 / P15    See the Hero’s strengths
Ch11 / P16    Set the stage for action

Sustained Action Phase

Chapter/Exercise #
Ch13 / SA1    Track your change
Ch14 / SA2    Develop healthy relief rewards
Ch14 / SA3    Your Reward Dilemma Map
Ch15 / SA4    Strengthen your willpower
Ch15 / SA5    Strengthen your stillpower
Ch16 / SA6    Your When-Then Action Plan
Ch16 / SA7    Your Customized Action-Able Map