Mindset for Change

Last month’s post explored self-compassion, a crucial element of the Action-Able Mindset for creating lasting change. In the video below, I share the two other essential components that set us up for success when we are trying to break or make a habit: curiosity and commitment.

While writing From Hope to Habit, I applied its ideas and exercises in my own life. In the book, I share about my process of learning to stop nagging my young adult children. Micromanaging is a longstanding habit for me, dating back to my earliest years of being a bossy big sister. Using my Action-Ability Approach, I learned a lot about why it’s hard for me to stop meddling in my children’s lives. Now, I’m so glad I rose to this challenge and learned to step back. In the past two weeks, I faced some crucial parenting moments with my youngest. Using my new parenting approach, I provided him with the support he requested—no more, no less—and I got to sit back and watch him regroup and flourish on his own. Today, I feel proud of myself for butting out, and I’m savoring the experience of watching my children thrive.

To make these changes in my behavior, I called on the “3 Cs” of my Action-Able Mindset: Compassion, Curiosity and Commitment. For more on these, check out the video below.

Build your Action-Able Mindset to disarm your inner critic and make self-compassion a habit.

From Hope to Habit is now available now available from Amazon in eBook or paperback format, or you can order the paperback at your favorite local bookstore. Plus, for personalized guidance in developing solutions to your unique habit challenges, join me on Zoom for the upcoming Habits Deep-Dive Course, starting March 4th, meeting Thursdays from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. (MST).

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