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Healthy Emotional Eating

Do you ever soothe yourself with food after a hard day? Usually we think of emotional eating as turning to unhealthy comfort food when we are upset. But you can attend to your mood by making healthy eating choices. With a few yummy substitutions in your snack drawer, you can improve your psychological and physical health.

Blood sugar fluctuations can be associated with moodiness. Stabilize yourself emotionally while managing your weight by eating healthy snacks in between smaller meals. For example, you might consider putting a baggie of nuts and dark chocolate chips into your purse or desk drawer to keep yourself consistently fueled and emotionally even. Dark chocolate seems to improve mood by boosting endorphins. Continue reading

Fitness Matters More than Weight

Most people think of exercise as a weight loss strategy. But, weight is about 50% genetically determined and, in some cases, exercising might even cause you to gain weight. Muscle weighs more than fat, so as you get stronger, your weight might go up rather than down. Also, the body’s metabolic system slows down to conserve energy as we burn more calories through exercise. If we only exercise to lose weight, then people who are slim genetically might think they don’t need to bother, and heavy people are left discouraged. move couple hiking

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Don’t Diet: How to Lose Belly Fat Sustainably

Diets that involve temporary, significant calorie restrictions are doomed to fail, because the
body’s regulatory systems adjust metabolism and activity rates in order to regain whatever weight has been lost. Nowhere was this more tragically demonstrated than in the follow-up studies of contestants on the reality TV show, The Biggest Loser. These folks dieted and
SONY DSCexercised diligently and succeeded in dramatic weight loss. But during the following few years,
their bodies’ biological systems reset so that maintaining the weight loss was almost impossible. Nearly all of the contestants regained each pound and sometimes more. News stories like this can leave us feeling helpless when we are also bombarded with studies about the health risks of obesity and belly fat.

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